Maven Standard directory Layout

Having a standard set of protocols for a directory layout definitely eases the work of the developers as they need not break  head on understanding where the particular package is located and what it is actually doing. As we give a lot of importance for the naming convention, we do so for the directory layout as well even if these do not impact the final output. Here I am sharing the maven standard directory layout structure.


src/main/java Application/Library sources
src/main/resources Application/Library resources
src/main/filters Resource filter files
src/main/config Configuration files
src/main/scripts Application/Library scripts
src/main/webapp Web application sources
src/test/java Test sources
src/test/resources Test resources
src/test/filters Test resource filter files
src/it Integration Tests (primarily for plugins)
src/assembly Assembly descriptors
src/site Site
LICENSE.txt Project’s license
NOTICE.txt Notices and attributions required by libraries that the project depends on
README.txt Project’s readme


For reading the content in details please click here.


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