Behavioral Biometrics : Is this a solution for the future ?

I remember a time when creating an email-id was a huge task. There weren’t so many security features. We used to have one email-id and one password. Eventually, the internet of things grew so much that we are now in an environment where we have multiple accounts and their respective credentials. Just in office for security sake we might have 3-4 credentials just to login to the appropriate tool to start your work. And that too, we should keep changing it within the time to avoid security breach. Apart from these, you might have 2-3 email accounts, plus 4-5 social accounts, few accounts in the online sites, blah blah. Though some sites might offer logging in through one of the social sites still if we count the no of credentials , there would be many at the end of the day. I wonder if a person keeps a set of different credentials for each, how many passwords he has to remember. And if he keeps the similar passwords in a number of places then there could be a threat of security breach, if any of the accounts is compromised.

Recently, I was thinking over the same problem and did a little bit of R&D on the same. (I have got the habit of stating most of my goggle searches as R&D one among the office terminologies. 😀 )

So , after doing the research a little bit I came across few of the solutions readily available:

  1. Using a password manager. There are many easily available in the internet. Correct, but if we are talking about a problem like password compromising does this stand effective. After all even this has a master password.
  2. One guy wrote of storing all the passwords in a piece of paper so that they can’t be compromised. Good, but what if I have kept this paper in my room and I want to access it when I am out of station. Carrying the paper always with me is definitely not a good solution.
  3. Using biometrics like – fingerprints, retina e.t.c. . This is possible at a very few places as this involves more cost.

Behavioral biometrics – and what is this !!! I heard this term for the very first time.


Handwritten signature is the most basic form of behavioral biometric which is prevalent since a long time and till date. Keystrokes dynamics is another form of behavioral biometrics. It depicts the  pattern in which a person is typing and that varies from person to person.

But still the question is : which is the best way to distinguish between the real identity and an imposter.  

Think !!  😉






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