WebSphere Concepts: Cell, Node, Cluster, Server…

Understanding Websphere Basic Terminologies

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Quick post… If you are not familiar with WebSphere at first you might get confused with its concepts: cell, deployment manager, node, node agent, cluster, server, …

First of all, lets start with the concept of a Cell:

A Cell is a virtual unit that is built of a Deployment Manager and one or more nodes. I guess a picture will help making things clearer:

WebSphere Cell

But still there are a few concepts that need to be explained. The next obvious one is the Deployment Manager.

The Deployment Manager is a process (in fact it is an special WebSphere instance) responsible for managing the installation and maintenance of Applications, Connection Pools and other resources related to a J2EE environment. It is also responsible for centralizing user repositories for application and also for WebSphere authentication and authorization.

The Deployment Manager communicates with the Nodes through another special WebSphere process, the Node Agent

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