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Attitude versus skill sets.. Which one is your priority ?

Hello !!
We are in an age where each one of us is very keen to learn a skill. Greater the number of skills you have better is your job prospect. So far as I am concerned, being a Software Engineer – I need to learn many technical skills and be very good at them. I am interested to work on different technologies, learn some new thing everyday and to keep my learning curve in the best possible shape.
Recently I have switched my job. Being a 2+ years experienced, I had not worked on many technologies but the basics were good ( Atleast I think so.. 🙂 )..  My interviewer told during the interview,” We need someone with exposure to J2EE , but you know only core Java.” . During interview I was very clear on what I knew and what I wanted to learn. I made it clear, ” I know I am not good at J2EE. But I need an opportunity to work on that. I want to be exposed to all kinds of technologies not just limited to basic stuffs”. Probably I had the fear that even if I am selected, I might be considered only for bug fixing, support and my chances to work on new technologies would be very limited.

Probably the new position was required to be filled very soon and my attitude to learn new things made the interviewer think me as the prospect candidate for the position. I was given the offer letter and I joined there.

3.5 months down the line – its the time for organisational half-yearly performance evaluation. By this time, I had put some effort to get aligned with the project. I am trying to learn new things. I know as and when I get chances to work on them I can learn better but trying to prepare myself. When it came to my turn, my supervisor said – “I think we have made the correct choice by choosing you. You are learning things and sharing it . That is good !! It is difficult for each one of us to learn everything. Sharing is very helpful in this field. You can learn technical skills  as you grow but the attitude cannot be learnt. It comes from the environment where you come from”. I was glad to hear that because the project I am into have people who have very good technical knowledge and vast experience. I am just a novice who is learning things and experimenting them around everyday.

So what is more important – your attitude or just the skill sets? I believe – definitely the skills are very important but your attitude makes the difference. Having a better attitude towards the things can make you grow faster. Finding an opportunity and working on improving yourself is important.

So what is your priority – attitude or skills ? 🙂